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2017-09-20 05:52 pm


Anime style Wonder Woman mock-up covers. Played a little with the classic uniform. Issue 1 has her classic Sensation Comics pose (which personally I think is a little awkward). I’ll probably end up changing the costume a bit as the covers go on.

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2016-09-19 11:45 pm


Costume designs for Hippolyta and Superwoman. I realized afterwards they are in very similar poses haha.

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2016-09-04 11:19 am

Disney's DC HEROINES #3

Mock up for third Heroines season. This one took forever to make. This season we see costume changes for Power Girl, Supergirl, Wonder Girl (now Troia) and Wonder Woman.

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2016-08-21 08:00 pm

Disney's DC HEROINES #1

I got around to doodling DC characters in a kind of Disney style and came up with this mock up blu-ray season for some of the female characters.

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2016-03-11 05:40 am


Feels like forever since I even touched a pencil and tablet to do some art. My hard drive crashed and I’ve actually lost most of my templates and stuff I was working on previously. Found my old Wonder Woman Earth-G character set and decided to color it. She kinda turned out looking like an american gladiator but overall I am satisfied with her costume.

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2015-08-24 11:34 am
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Two profile cards for Wonder Woman Hippolyta and Wonder Girl Drusilla.

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2015-05-07 07:30 pm

Convergence 2

Convergence #2 starting Artemis as Wonder Woman. I’m enjoying doing these mock up Convergence covers. Diana will most likely be next.

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2015-04-28 12:06 pm


Took and old 2011 sketch I did of Hippolyta and turned it into a mock up cover for Convergence. First is the process work from the sketch and second is the cover.

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2011-07-06 11:26 pm


I've had some down time at work recently so I did some portraits of all the women to take the title of Wonder Woman. The first is of course Diana the first Wonder Woman in her final outfit. The second to take the title is Artemis. The third is Diana's mother Hippolyta. I wanted to make her look like she is about 45 years old and I tried my best to make her look like Despina Vandi. The fourth is a grown up version of Cassie Sandsmark when shes an evil version of Wonder Woman. I might turn them into a four series comic cover set.


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2010-08-07 02:53 pm

show me

Been doing a lot of coloring on photoshop recently and I think I'm getting better. I was really determined to finish my DVD mock up cover for the Wonder Woman Animated Movie series. Once I finished Diana in her battle with sword pose I just pieced together all the parts and created the cover. After that was done I wanted to do my own version of the first film's DVD cover (which actually does exist) and took an old drawing I did from 2008 and just fixed it up a bit rather than draw a whole new Wonder Woman drawing for it.

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2010-07-11 08:45 pm
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cryin' over me

Hippolyta as Wonder Woman for the 3rd DVD animated cover I will be putting together soon. I've been working on this for a while. There isn't a drawing of this because I just colored a really rough sketch I did at work a few months ago. The skirt has a little too many stars on it which I wasn't really paying attention to while I drew them in but I was too lazy to fix it.

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2010-06-30 10:04 pm
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After reading the issue I decided to draw this picture of Golden Age Wonder Woman taking on the new Wonder Woman to express my feelings towards the new way of things.

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2010-06-27 10:31 pm
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make me move

I've been doing some quick sketches recently for some more DVD mock up covers. First is John Byrne's Generations Wonder Woman. I simplified the eagle on her chest a little for it to have a more animated look. Second is again John Byrne style Storm merged with Wonder Woman from DC vs Marvel. I like how her legs turned out. And last is Silver Age style Wonder Woman, again I really like how her legs turned out. It took me a while to get the shape of her pose correctly how I wanted it. I will end up doing more later on.

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2009-12-12 03:25 am
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Hey Hey Hey

The next drawing for the 3rd mock up DVD for Wonder Woman The Animated Movie I already did Artemis in her Requiem outfit holding a sword a few months back for this DVD cover as well. This one I did a little fast so it isn't the best but I'd have to redraw it on photoshop anyway to color it so it's not a big deal.

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2009-12-10 12:56 am


Well I finally got around to making my mock DVD cover for Wonder Woman The Animated Movie: The Challenge Of Artemis. I had a little trouble with the background I wanted it to really look like the same style the first original film had with the shine burst lines. Overall it took me maybe about 3 hours to get everything all in place. I'm going to start the third movie addition soon hopefully.