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Anime style Wonder Woman mock-up covers. Played a little with the classic uniform. Issue 1 has her classic Sensation Comics pose (which personally I think is a little awkward). I’ll probably end up changing the costume a bit as the covers go on.

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Since the release of the Volume 4 Supergirl Book 1 collecting the first 9 issues of the series I wanted to honor the New Earth Supergirls. I tried to do a little more detail with the fabric with this one and kind of do less detail in the hair then I would usually do.


Two bio pages. First for Linda Danvers the 2nd New Earth Supergirl and then Cir-El the 3rd New Earth Supergirl.

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Some more Multiverse characters. First is Wonder Boy (Darin Prince) of Earth-G. Second is Ajay of Earth-G and third is Supergirl of Earth-0885 (Matrix).

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Done a few more pieces of art the last few weeks. Elseworlds stuff mostly as per usual. The first issue of Generations/Earth-3898 4 I finally got around to doing. Takes places in 1999 and features Superman and Clark Wayne Knightwing.


I got in a Catwoman mood shortly after that and designed a Catwoman and Catwoman II for the earth-3898 universe.


earth-G male Star Sapphire Lantern was next on the list. When I get around to coloring him I'm gonna make him quite tan. I messed up on his right hand in the first drawing but too lazy to fix it.


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