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Since the release of the Volume 4 Supergirl Book 1 collecting the first 9 issues of the series I wanted to honor the New Earth Supergirls. I tried to do a little more detail with the fabric with this one and kind of do less detail in the hair then I would usually do.


Two bio pages. First for Linda Danvers the 2nd New Earth Supergirl and then Cir-El the 3rd New Earth Supergirl.

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Some more Multiverse characters. First is Wonder Boy (Darin Prince) of Earth-G. Second is Ajay of Earth-G and third is Supergirl of Earth-0885 (Matrix).

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Found a Supergirl Earth-0885 piece I did back in 2001. Decided to re-do it to show my growth as an artist. Also decided she needed sleeve.

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Multiverse Additions! First we got Superlad of Earth-11. Basically a male version of Supergirl. All the heroes of Earth-11 are genderbent. Second is the current Supergirl of Prime Earth. Third is Linda Danvers the 3rd Supergirl of New Earth and the fouth is Linda Danvers in her Superwoman outfit from when she was on Earth-1. Fifth we got Matrix (my favorite Supergirl) the first to appear on New Earth. Finally there is the 4th Supergirl of New Earth Kara Zor-El.



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Jan. 10th, 2011 09:24 pm
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I started coloring this version of Matrix Supergirl and overall I think it's my best version I've done so far. The second is the Earth-D Black version of Supergirl. She was always my favorite alternate version of Supergirl.


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